The Death of Captain Duesly and Emergence of Hartley

Dry heat and the smell of blood, ashes and rotten meat filled Duesly, captain of the Guard’s nostrils as he crossed the bridge into Westfall. Signs were littered about, proclaiming the extreme hatred of his company, some even peppered with bloodstains and the occasional Stormwind tabard, guardsman’s helm or horrific fly-ridden bundle of flesh. He took it all in with a feeling of acceptance and sadness, nearly dragging his feet through the land.

He coughed, black, ichorous blood staining the ground beneath him as he began to notice the prying eyes of the populace. A bony, starved child with a mother, who dragged the kid back into her arms. A couple of farmers, stout men with bodies intent on defying the famine of the land, working themselves into a sweat at ripping away the charred remnants of crops long dead. A transient, who at first looked like he was about to beg, but instead gave the guard a look of disgust and terror, scuttling away on thin, emaciated feet. All of these people held no love or care for Dues, only fear and an overwhelming feeling of hatred.

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In the Aftermath of Sacrifice

Writing in her journal amidst the pain and soreness of prior injury as well as conflicting mental influence from everything she’d done the past two nights, a warlock was surprisingly calm.

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A Messy Journal Entry

I feel like a fool in a net, caught by my own stupidity. It was bound to happen. Endless times before this place…I’d thrown myself into combat, fighting for something that didn’t even make sense. Justice? No. I was no better than those I was killing…perhaps even worse, because I let the taste of power rule my judgement and murder many.

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Meetings and Redemption – An RP

Below is an RP that takes place in the past, between Mira’s desertion of the Shadows of Wrynn and disappearance and entry into the Sanctum. At this time she was in contemplation of what to do next, wandering and spending many nights in the Blasted Lands. In this time frame, she nearly lost herself.

The talk is on the mountaintop beside the crater of the Dark Portal, and it is a meeting with Mira’s rival and 2 year enemy, Allant, who led the Blood Call cult in Horror’s stead. Mira waged many wars with them, using the forces of the Shadows of Wrynn.

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Drunken Moments And Soulful Change

Several hours after the execution of a warlock…a brother of Sanctum, Mira sits. All of Surwich seemed to be asleep, yet she nursed a bottle and quietly contemplated. The wine was warm, soothing her wounded heart, although she could feel the sickness building in her malnourished stomach.

Muttering to herself, to nothing in particular but the walls as they danced. Cruel, taunting her with the way they move, the fire flickering like a joke amidst the haze.

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Cruelty of Service – A Sanctum RP

Mira was called upon by Dane to execute a Dark side warlock who had fallen too far to corruption as part of her reparations for betrayal. Below is the RP transcript, word for word (with a few additions, such as mentioning when something is spoken in Demonic or whispered).

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